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IIM CAT-2012 Important Dates | CAT 2012 Schedule | www.catiim.in

IIM CAT-2012 Important Dates | CAT 2012 Schedule | www.catiim.in
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Important Dates
  • Sale of CAT Vouchers :
    Monday,30 July – Monday,17 September 2012
  • Registration for CAT 2012 :
    Monday,30 July – Wednesday, 19 September 2012
  • CAT Test Dates :
    Thursday,11 October – Tuesday,6 November 2012
  • CAT Result :
    Wednesday,9 January 2013

CAT 2012 will be conducted by IIMs as a pre-requisite for admission to various management programmesof IIMs.
These programmes are:
A- Post Graduate Programmes in Management:
IIM Ahmedabad PGP and PGP-ABM
Website Addresses: www.iimahd.ernet.in
IIM Bangalore PGP, PGSEM and PGPPM
Website Addresses: www.iimb.ernet.in
Website Addresses: www.iimcal.ac.in
IIM Indore PGP and EPGP
Website Addresses: www.iimidr.ac.in
IIM Kashipur PGP
Website Addresses: www.iiml.ac.in
IIM Kozhikode PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimk.ac.in
IIM Lucknow PGP and PGP-ABM
Website Addresses: www.iiml.ac.in
IIM Raipur PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimraipur.ac.in
Website Addresses: www.iimranchi.ac.in
IIM Rohtak PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimrohtak.ac.in
RGIIM Shillong PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimshillong.in
IIM Tiruchirappalli PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimtrichy.ac.in
IIM Udaipur PGP
Website Addresses: www.iimu.ac.in

B. Fellow Programmes in Management (FPM) (equivalent to Ph.D) of IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi and IIM Tiruchirappalli

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