Dhanush Song For Sachin Boost Add | Dhanush sings for Sachin Tendulkar

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yo boys lets sing song
cricket song
one plus one two-u two-u
if not sachin who-u who-u
28 states clue-u clue-u
nothing else to prove-u prove-u
hey you are our pride-u pride-u
roller coaster ride-u ride-u..
every player slide-u slide-u
hey hit-u maama..six maama
hey super maama.. come on maama
hit-u maama..super maama
hey super maama.. come on maama
one day..test..t 20
entertainment guarantee
89 your entry
bringing honor to our country
hey every bowler-u beer-u beer-u
darling of the mass
little master
master blaster

you are our boost-u

hey hit-u maama sachin..six maama sachin
hey super maama sachin.. come on maama sachin
hit-u maama..super maama
hey super maama.. come on maama

we unite in your name SACHIN

?Full Lyrics Sooooooooon!!!?

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